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1/18/2019 1:19 AM

Here comes more snow!!!

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  • Follow @themtroyal on insta and FB ... we love our residents!!
  • Around 8:30 Tuesday evening, there’s was a potential runaway cat roaming the halls of 101 E Mt Royal... this fluffy escape artist’s name is Rosie, please contact authorities Immediately if she is spotted loose and outside of her home. We are happy to report Rosie is safe at home with her family tonight. 🙀😼😽
  • Sweet Treats for our sweet residents!  Join us in the Club Room for desserts at our @gopuff launch event!
  • No snow but it’s sooo cold out there!! 😫 Bundle up Neighbors!
  • It’s that golden afternoon hour ... 10th floor views
  • A sneak peek at our newest renovation project at The Mount Royal ... new and fancy! #themtroyal
  • Today’s National Popcorn Day! What’s your favorite kind? 🍿  #nationalpopcornday #butter #extrabutter #whitecheddar #caramel #homestyle #sweetcheddar #bbq #airpopped #covepm #somanytypesofpopcorn #toomanytolist #movietheatrepopcorn
  • More fun with Benny at the Howard Street Dog Park
  • Lovely surprise to see our residents Jordan and Chaplin at the dog park today!
  • Here comes more snow!!!